Thursday, April 17, 2008

Brush Racks

These brush drying racks are a great idea I had, They make choosing a brush easier and after cleaning they allow the brush to dry flat. Drying flat keeps the water, solvent and any left paint from dripping down into the farrel, where it can cause the wood to swell and loosen.
The fist one I made is just nails pounded in rows into some scrap MDO board I had laying around. I also cut a couple V shaped scraps and nailed them to the side of the MDO board creating a "lean to" shape that allows it stand up at an angle. It would be better to make it out of all wood using dowels for the rack arms instead of nails and then finished to look nice. A way of making a portable brush rack using wood construction would be to add a hinge on the top so it can be folded flat, putting a carrying handle on top and adding a way of locking down the brushes so they'll stay put. Also it would be better to have 3 rack arms to a row, spaced a little farther apart to accommodate long and short brushes better.This wood rack is something I found at a thrift store pretty much as is. I don't know what it was originally used for, but it works great as a brush rack.
The wire rack is actually a $1.00 cheapo CD holder the works almost perfectly for brushes.
I have a lot of brushes.Instead of washing out brushes for every color, it's much more handy just to use a different brush for every color used. That also keeps the colors clean and pure.

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