Saturday, April 9, 2011

Just a Thought on black and black holes


If a "perfect" or absolute black paint could be made that reflects no color at all, would it then create a black hole?

A black hole is a phenomenon that scientists believe captures and absorbs everything around it. Like a giant drain everything is gulped down and nothing can escape, not even light. Given enough time a black hole may swallow the whole universe.
If a true black paint were made, it would have to be the same. According to the modern color theory, we perceive an objects color because white light (which contains all colors) is being partially absorbed, and what is reflected back at us is the color we actually see. When we perceive something as being "black", it is because it absorbs the entire spectrum of light, and reflects very little light back into the eye. However, there must always be some impurities that keep the black from being absolute, even if it looks very black to the naked eye. (he,he, I just said "naked")
If a absolutely perfect pure black paint or object were ever made, it would suck up all the light, reflecting no light at all (he,he, I just said "suck"). ...and therefore would become a black hole! You would not be able to see anything as all light would be absorbed into it, the whole world would go dark in an instant.

So the next time you are mixing up a nice new dark color, be careful, you might accidentally create a true black and destroy the solar system.

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